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Carbon Footprint
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Communicate the carbon impact of your product or service

Product Carbon Footprint methodologies, such as PAS 2050, have been designed to measure the carbon impact of specific products or services. They look at the carbon embedded in different stages of a product's life on a ‘cradle to gate’ or ‘cradle to grave’ basis.

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A full product footprint assessment provides a detailed and robust understanding of the carbon impact of your product including the impact of the supply chain, materials, manufacture, installation and disposal of the product. Our product footprint service will help you to identify the appropriate product footprint standard to use, the scope for data collection, assist in data collection and conversion to carbon equivalencies.

Providing carbon data about your product to a specification recognised and respected by industry and governments alike helps you to gain the edge over competitors supplying similar products. A product footprint assessment would also help you to track and communicate improvements as a result of design or development , for example by improving energy efficiency.

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