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Changing lives in Sudan

This cookstove project, developed by Carbon Clear in partnership with Practical Action has been awarded recognition by the UNFCCC as a Lighthouse Project because of the benefits provided to poor communities and its contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation. It is the first registered carbon credit project in Sudan and the first to be developed in a conflict zone.

This project helps to improve household health by reducing indoor air pollution. Fuels such as wood and charcoal release large amounts of particulates, carbon monoxide and other pollutants when burned in inefficient traditional stoves. According to the World Health Organisation, prolonged exposure to biomass smoke is a major health risk, contributing to acute respiratory infections in children and other ailments

Darfur low-smoke cookstoves empowering women in Sudan through LPG fuel

Darfur Cookstoves

Poor households in Sudan’s remote towns are unable to afford the high upfront cost of gas stoves and canisters. NGO, Practical Action facilitates the switch away from unsustainable wood and charcoal fuels for cooking whilst providing technical and financial assistance to local women. This is achieved through a credit scheme funded by Carbon Clear in order to make efficient fuels and stoves accessible to poor households. Stoves are typically paid off within 9 months as a result of the lower costs of LPG over traditional fuels.



Project benefits

  • Award winner: The project has been awarded Lighthouse Status by the UNFCCC’s 2013 Momentum for Change initiative, recognising the social and environmental benefits.
  • Positive health impacts: The new stoves reduce indoor air pollution, improving the health and quality of life for women and children.
  • Reduces fuel poverty: The new cookstoves reduce overall household energy expenditure and cooking time for low-income families.
  • Benefits livelihood: The project decreases the need to collect or purchase wood for fuel, improving the livelihoods of poor families as well as contributing to environmental conservation.
  • Empowers women: The project is run by local women’s group, equipping the community with the skills and expertise to deliver micro- finance and sales and training.
  • Benefits the Environment: The project decreases the rate of deforestation that leads to desertification.


Project Manager

Olivier Levallois

Senior Consultant

Olivier Levallois

Senior Consultant

Olivier Levallois manages Carbon Clear's UN-award winning Darfur Low-Smoke Stoves project, manages our offsetting portfolio, other market instruments and is the climate finance lead for advisory services. Olivier has several years of experience in both compliance and voluntary carbon markets and is an active member of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, the WLPGA’s Cooking for Life campaign and the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance. Olivier holds an MSc degree in Management from the ESCEM Business School as well as an MSc degree in Environment and International Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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