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Wind Electricity Generation Project, India

This renewable energy project in Rajasthan consists of 5 wind turbines with a total installed power generation capacity of 3.5 MW. The electricity generated by the wind farm is fed into the regional electric grid.

Renewable Energy

VCS Project

More about this project

Green house gas reductions are achieved as traditional sources of energy such as coal are displaced by renewable energy. would have been used to generate electricity in the absence of the wind-generated power.

This project is located in Rajasthan, India.

Why we like it

  • Wind projects support social and economic development by diversifying energy production to address the power deficit suffered by Rajasthan state.
  • Improving the reliability of the electricity grid benefits both households and regional services, and provides new econcomic opportunities.
  • The project provides direct and indirect employment in the area, which contributes to the social and econonic welfare of local people.
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