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Develop a realistic environmental impact reduction target that supports your business objectives

Many companies publicly commit to achieving a range of reduction targets each year, covering such areas as carbon emissions, energy consumption, water use and sustainable procurement.

We can help you set targets which you can credibly achieve by implementing your sustainability strategy. We will help you understand how aggressive your targets are and the impact this may have on your efforts to differentiate your business and achieve positive environmental impacts.

Increasingly we are helping clients to set ambitions carbon reduction targets that are in line with climate science and the global reductions required to limit temperature increases to 2°C.

Science Based Targets, Climate change cop21

Our targeting services include

  • Target reduction scenarios
  • Target credibility assessment
  • Align reduction and offset measures to achieve targets
  • Benchmark proposed target against competitors
  • Reconcile your reduction target with your business objectives.
  • Science based targets

Stakeholder Engagement 

Many stakeholders see companies’ reduction targets as a true sign of commitment to their reduction initiatives. Harmonise your target with your company’s strategic objectives by ensuring that your target is aggressive enough to meet the demands of your stakeholders, by staying ahead of your competition, or staying on track to become carbon neutral.

Let Us Help

We can help you set mid to long term targets that are science based targets and in alignment with the level of decarbonisation that is required to limit global temperature increase to 2°C.

Setting a science based target delivers multiple benefits both globally and to the individual business including driving innovation, increasing resilience to new climate regulation, improving business reputation and reducing costs.

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