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Science based targets are ambitious carbon reduction goals that are in line with climate science

Over 220 companies have already committed to set a science based carbon reduction target through the Science Based Target Initiative.

What is your company doing to develop meaningful carbon reduction targets that are aligned to business ambitions?

What is a science based target?

Science based targets (SBT) help to embed emission reductions in the long-term strategy of a business and contribute to limiting global temperate increase to well below 2°C.

For targets to be approved by the Science Based Target Initiative, there are several criteria that they must meet:

  • Include all Scope 1 and 2 emissions
  • Develop a target for Scope 3 emissions if they are greater than 40% of the overall carbon footprint
  • Contain medium and long-term goals and interim milestones
  • Be consistent with the level of decarbonisation needed to limit temperatures well below 2°C

Why set a science based target?

  • Drives long term strategy and innovation
  • Increases resilience to new climate regulation and policies
  • Improves reputation for investors and customers
  • Helps limit global temperature increase to well below 2ºC

How to set a science based target?

There are several ways companies can set science based targets. The challenge is understanding which methodology is best for your company and how to make the necessary reductions to meet your targets.

Our factsheet will help you to understand how to set a science based target and what business value it will bring in more detail; you can download it here.

Our approach

Methods - Identify which of the targeting methods is most appropriate, Alignment - Align the target and message with your corporate aims, Targets - Identify and set appropriate targets  Metrics - Identify the right metric, and activity drivers,  Approval - Seek approval from the Science Based Target Initiative

Science Based Targets factsheet

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