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Ensuring transparency and driving commercial benefits in your renewable energy sourcing

Buying renewable energy is an increasingly important part of a robust sustainability business and energy strategy.

Recent changes to the GHG Protocol introduce a new approach to accounting for Scope 2 emissions that presents an opportunity to reduce Scope 2 emissions by sourcing renewable energy. However, the GHG Protocol requires that companies buying renewable energy prove that it is of good quality.

This presents a challenge in that companies that buy renewable energy often procure it as a bundled product from electricity suppliers. This means that electricity is supplied alongside certificates to prove the renewable nature of the electrons, and it is not always easy to demonstrate that the bundle certificates meet the quality criteria.

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Sourcing renewable energy certificates from the market, instead of electricity suppliers allows:

  • Transparency in electricity sourcing for auditors through European and UK registries rather than having to check with individual suppliers
  • Procurement and cancellation of Guarantees of Origin (GO) or Renewable Energy GO (REGO) that meet the good quality criteria prescribed by the GHG Protocol.
  • To choose the location, technology and quality of renewable energy projects you would like to support by buying renewable certificates unbundled from electricity
  • Your business to make cost savings by choosing to buy unbundled energy
  • You to meet your commitment to RE100


At Carbon Clear, we’re supporting our clients by unbundling your energy procurement, sourcing your electrons from the electricity supplier, and your renewable certificates from the market, so you get a superior product at the same or better pricing.

Guarantee of Origin (GOs)

EU directive 2009/28/EC requires all European Union member states to establish a national registry for GOs for electricity from renewable energy sources. GOs are certificates that prove that one MWh of electricity was produced using renewable energy sources. GOs are exclusively issued for disclosure and transparency purposes.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

RECs, are the US equivalent to GOs and in the same way represent 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generated from an eligible renewable energy resource.

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs)

REGOs are the name used for GOs in the UK.

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