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We can help reduce the time and effort it takes you to generate information to meet CDP’s requirements

Companies use sustainability reporting frameworks such as CDP to communicate their sustainability performance to stakeholders. This is important as investors and financial institutions are placing increasing emphasis on assessing and including climate change risks within their investment decisions.

CDP, working on behalf of institutional investors requests companies to disclose their climate change risks, carbon emissions and water use information.

To maximise the benefits of CDP disclosure, understanding the risks and impacts of climate change on your business is vital as well as accurately measuring carbon emissions, water use and forest commodities from across your entire value chain.

CDP Disclosure Programmes

  1. Climate Change Questionnaire – requires disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and climate risk
  2. Supply Chain Questionnaire – similar to the Climate Change Questionnaire, but the supply chain questionnaire is targeted at companies that are part of corporate supply chains
  3. Water Questionnaire - assessment of existing and future water risk, water strategy and water use information including relevant water reduction targets
  4. Forests Questionnaire - assessment of deforestation related activities / commodities including timber, palm oil, cattle products and soy.



CDp accredited provider 2016


As a CDP Partner, Carbon Clear will help you to prepare a comprehensive CDP submission.

This can include assessing and quantifying climate risk at both a strategic and operational level across the organisation, calculating emissions and water use from your operations as well as providing overall support.

We also offer a free of charge ‘CDP Response Check’ to identify areas of improvement.

Benefits of our CDP reporting approach:

  • Reduces internal time and effort to complete CDP submission
  • Ongoing technical support in carbon, water and forestry accounting
  • Potential to maximise score and improve performance against peers
  • More informed information for investment decisions
  • Bespoke and cost-effective to help identify key improvement
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